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Securex NZ takes providing protective services very seriously, as we are responsible for the protection of people, property and assets. We work tirelessly every day to build customer loyalty by consistently providing every client with the CCTV security systems, asset protection and services they need, delivered by our highly dedicated and certified security technicians and support teams.

We adhere to the following values in providing our very best service to clients:

People First. As a class provider of human resources, we are first and foremost a people company. We believe in the diversity of our workforce and in the dignity of the individual. We are committed to the respect and safety of our employees and, at the same time, place the highest value on our relationships with clients.

Professionalism. Operational excellence is a hallmark of our service. From professional CCTV systems to daily activity logs, all of our tasks and interactions are carried out with the highest degree of professionalism. Our clients know they can depend on us to update them with the correct advice.

Responsiveness & Dependability. Large security firms often lack responsiveness and are far too slow to act while smaller companies sometimes lack the vital resources. Our hands-on management team are structured to react quickly, knowledgeably and effectively to any security challenge or concern.

Tailored Service. We pride ourselves on being flexible and adaptable to each customer’s needs while never taking our eyes off the bigger security picture. Every day, we work to create and implement unique CCTV solutions that reflect and address the business requirements of our valued customers.


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Here at Securex NZ we pride ourselves on our rapid growth, which we credit to our quality of service, and our team of expertly trained security personnel. We are driven by a dedication to quality, a genuine desire to ensure your safety, and a commitment to protecting the value of your assets.


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Proudly Canterbury owned and operated, employing and training local people for local positions

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